Spearmint Mentha spicata crispa

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Spearmint – Mentha spicata
Steam distilled from the flowering tops of the spearmint plant. This is one of the most refreshing scents in aromatherapy. I like to dilute 5-10% into a spray bottle, with water and use to refresh rooms before I teach. As an added bonus it is stimulating to the mind and uplifting to the spirit. (Always inquire about allergies first.) Spearmint is cooling and very appreciated on hot days. May help with migraines when diluted and rubbed into the shoulders, neck and head. It has disinfecting and cleansing properties. Like peppermint, it has some digestive properties. Keep away from your eyes.  Add a few drops of spearmint essential oil into a basin of slightly warm water and soak your feet for an energizing experience. Avoid in pregnancy, with children and pets. Do not take internally.

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