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Aromatherapy Introduction

The Scents of Wonder line of essential oils has been in existence since 1989. Pure essential oils and absolutes are imported from around the world by co-owners Robert Rogers and Laurie Szott-Rogers. We carry over 100 pure essential oils, many blends, some organic essential oils, and some precious oils and absolutes. The oils are sold in 5 or 10 ml bottles – except the absolutes and precious oils, which are sold in 1 or 5 ml sizes. Would you like to get certified as an aromatherapist? Northern Star College has a 2 level aromatherapy certification program. You can try a free course here-

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are potent extractions of plants obtained from all over the world. Many of the plants are wild-crafted or grown on orchards or plantations. Growers extract the potent oils from specific parts of the plant – bark, leaf, root, berry, or sometimes flowers, usually by steam distillation. Fruits peels such as lemon, orange, lime, and grapefruit are often cold-pressed, and certain flowers, such as jasmine are extracted by an alcohol preparation. The resulting oils are low yield and highly concentrated. Different plants yield varying amounts of essential oil and the price range of the essential oils reflects this.

Methods of Using Essential Oils

To influence moods and psychological states, all that is necessary is to breathe in the oils. How we respond to various oils will be partly dependent on Practical Potions, Scents of Wonder Blends individual taste and memories. If we associate lavender with an older aunt we loved, we may have a more positive association with the oil than someone with an unhappy memory. The oils themselves also have specific chemical properties giving them the ability to calm, excite, etc.


To get the oils into the air a diffuser becomes invaluable. A good “air pump type” diffuser will break up the molecules of the oils, making them accessible while we breathe. We do not recommend putting oils on light bulb rings, as the heat will destroy many of the healing fragile compounds in the oils. Mixing the oils into a spray bottle of 95% water, 1% natural emulsifier ( a medium that binds the water and oil) and 4% essential oil, will also be beneficial. Remember to shake well before using. Do not spray the mix on anyone, as the oils may be irritating to the skin. Do not spray too close to your walls either, or you may notice an oil build-up on them over time. Try orange to balance, or spearmint to invigorate.


Make your own simple, but effective cleaner. Add a few drops of grapefruit or tea tree to hot water in your kitchen sink. Or, add peppermint into vinegar. Wipe with these oils to help kill many germs. Add a few drops of eucalyptus into the water in your washing machine to help disinfect and create a clean scent. Do not put the oils directly onto plastic, as they can “eat” it.


Put a few drops of lavender or roman chamomile onto your pillow to help relax.


Put a little lemon, fir, or rosemary in a ceramic diffuser you hang onto your car mirror to help clear the air and aid alertness.


Do not take oils internally. Oils such as eucalyptus are quite deadly if swallowed, in even small quantities. Do not let babies, children, or pets near the oils. I do not suggest using essential oils on children younger than 1 year. Floral waters are generally a safe substitute in this situation. But do not use them internally, either. Pregnant women, especially in their first trimester should avoid essential oils. This is especially true if there is any history of miscarriage. Keep oils away from pets. Some essential oils, even diffused can cause significant harm to your pet, or small child. Use them very carefully. Keep the oils out of your eyes. If they do get into your eye, apply vegetable oil to the corner of a clean cloth and place this onto the corner of your eye. Do not apply directly to the skin without diluting the oils and patch testing. Some essential oils, like bergamot and lemon, are photosensitive. This means if you use them and go into the sun or under a UV light you may get burnt, serious burns in some cases. If you are epileptic avoid any of the stimulating oils such as sage and rosemary. Asthmatics may be affected by some oils. Determine which ones these are and avoid them. If you have allergies to plants be cautious about using any of the essential oils from the same plant or plant family, as your known allergen. Sometimes the allergy is only to the pollen and will not apply to the oil- but be very cautious. On the other hand, many people with allergies to petrochemical perfumes may find the oils surprisingly refreshing. Always treat the oils respectfully. They are potent healers and life-enhancing compounds when used with respect.


Massage To work on sore muscles, or get the oils absorbed into the body, a physical application is suggested. Firstly mix 1-5% essential oils with 95-99% vegetable oil. Always test for sensitivity or allergic reaction before application. Massage the mixture onto the skin. Some of the oil will be absorbed by the body while the scent will drift up to the nose. Aromatic Bath An essential oil bath is also a lovely way to enjoy aromatic oils. To create an aromatic bath you will need 1 tbsp. vegetable oil or full-fat milk or cream. Mix 1-5 drops of essential oil into the milk, cream, or vegetable oil, and vigorously stir the blend into the water. If you use straight essential oils in a bath you may risk burning yourself, as you merge your delicate parts into the tub. The fruit and spice oils may be particularly aggressive in these situations, so use less rather than more as you experiment with various concoctions. Try roman chamomile or lavender to relax, or peppermint in cooler water to stimulate.

Precious Oils, Scents of Wonder, Single Oils

Hair and Skin Care Aromatherapy also has benefits for hair and skin care. Try adding a drop or two of essential oil into pure shampoo, lotion, or skin cream to enhance their properties. Learn to create your own hair and skincare products and break away from some hazardous commercial cosmetics and cleaners. If one is committed to learning about the properties of essential oils and carrier oils and invests the time and money to make their own product. The results can be aesthetically rewarding and emotionally liberating. There are so many ways to use essential oils and flower essences. For an e-course in aromatherapy, go to our college and check out our online program Practical Potions, Certificate or Diploma Program,

Top Five Myths of Essential Oils

1. They are expensive for what you get. Remember the oils are very concentrated. They are little but potent. Don’t let the bottle size fool you. 2. Shouldn’t they all be priced the same? If they are beware, this suggests dilution with vegetable oil or some other substance. As plant crop costs and yields differ, each oil price varies, quite substantially in some cases. 3. Oils should smell the same all the time and if they don’t the product is not pure. If an oil smells differently from company to company, year to year it might indicate impurity, but it is more likely to reflect the natural variation oils have from different crops and years. Learn to appreciate the range. Synthetics smell the same all the time, essential oils do not. Also, take the time to let the different smells grow on you. We all initially prefer what we know, but may with time also learn to appreciate something new. 4. I can put essential oils straight on my skin, or take them internally. Careful please – most essential oils due to their concentration can cause a skin reaction if directly applied. Always dilute in a facial cream or a vegetable carrier first. Usually, .0 5 -1% dilution of essential oil to 99% carrier or cream is adequate for a facial blend. The concentrations can go up to 5% for healthy adults for body application, and even stronger dilutions for some oils for a small spot application, i.e. peppermint for a sore joint. 5. If I get essential oils in my eyes I should flush with water. This can help somewhat, but an even more effective way to deal with this problem is to put a bit of carrier, such as olive oil, onto the corner of a face cloth. Put this face cloth on the corner of your eye to sop up the essential oil.

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