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FES Californian Flower Essences

(also known as The FES Quintessentials, or North American Flower Essences)

The following 103 essences are FES’s best-known remedies, used for many years by practitioners throughout the world. They are available individually or in kits. These descriptions and pictures are taken from work by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz, developers of the FES Essences. All photos are from Richard Katz. 

We sell the FES, 103 Flower Essences in the 7.5 ml size, only. The Yarrow Environmental Solution, (YES), is the exception, as it is also offered in 1 oz. size, in either a dropper or spray bottle form. Note* Flower essences are vibrational remedies and are not the same as essential oils. To learn more – About Flower Essences

The Flourish Line of flower essence blends is sold as 1 oz. sprays.

The Flora Fusion Herbal Oils are different than the FES Flower Essences and The Flourish line. Flora Fusion Herbal Oils blends flower essences with carrier oils and essential oils and are used as bath or body oils.

Note * Flower Essences are vibrational remedies and are not essential oils. They do not have the plant or flower scent of essential oils.

Buy FES Flower Essences (Californian)

There is a minimum order of $50.00. All pricing is in Canadian dollars. Ships within Canada only. Canadian shipping is $18.99.  No Refunds. If you are American, or international, go directly to the flower essence society, in California to purchase these essences.

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