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More Experiences of the Oils and Essences:

Customers are great learners. There is so much to explore about each product, and the curious are often drawn to do just that.

One customer who used to frequent our store let her young child smell essential oils, from about the age of two; by the time she was six, she could identify dozens of smells, while her peers knew only the fruit oils.

A neighbor fell off her bike and lost a lot of skin and was badly cut on her face and hands. She used a scar blend – and healed within a few weeks without scars.

A client who burned herself rather badly did what we suggested during class and applied lavender oil to the burn. The pain subsided almost immediately and the burn healed quickly.

A student’s mother was experiencing dizziness, headaches, and irritability when she used commercial household cleaners. After taking the class her daughter showed her how to use eucalyptus oil mixed with water in a spray bottle to wipe off germs and lemon or peppermint oil and vinegar to sparkle glass. Her symptoms went away and she felt happier about cleaning her house.

A student applied peppermint oil neat onto her tummy while experiencing cramps from her menstrual cycle. The oil felt a little strong but decreased her cramps within minutes.