Essential Oils are potent always use carefully. As a rule, do not apply on the skin without first diluting with vegetable oil. Some essential oils such as bergamot are photosensitive. Never use and go out in the sun, or under UV lights, as you may acquire serious burns. Do not get essential oils in your eyes. Avoid any oils if you are sensitive or allergic to the plant they originate from. Use oils carefully to determine which, if any of the oils you react to, or if you are epileptic or have asthma note your reactions and use carefully. Keep away from babies, children and pets. Some essential oils, even diffused can cause great harm to children or pets. Use Caution.

Some oils can be fatal, even in small amounts if taken internally. Avoid internal use. Do not use if pregnant, or consult an aromatherapist to see which ones can be used safely.

Scents of Wonder uses pure, full-strength essential oils. This information is meant for educational purposes only and does not attempt to diagnose. To learn about this subject in a deep way check out the Practical Potions, online aromatherapy program, at Northern Star College-   Understand aromatherapy is an evolving field, not everything is understood about how oils react with medicines and individual chemistry, so always be cautious and monitor your own reactions.

*Note the word infant, baby, children are all used as synonyms, rather than repeating all of them in each paragraph. Keep essential oils away from all infants and vulnerable individuals of all ages. People sometimes forget to also protect their pets, although they do not react exactly in exactly the same way as people. They should not take the oils internally (and if they lick their coats, this would involve internal use). Some essential oils may also be toxic when diffused around pets.  Use the oils like any powerful healing agent, sensibly and with respect.