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About Our Companies

Self Heal Distributing

Self Heal Distributing

Self Heal Distributing is our umbrella company based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We have been involved with wholesaling and retailing essential oils and flower essences for over three decades.


The wonderful essences from FES the North American Flower Essence Society are made by Richard Katz and Patricia Kaminski and many dedicated researchers. There are now over 140 FES essences as well as Flourish combination essences, Self Heal Cream and Seasons of the Soul body oils.


Prairie Deva Press

Our books are written at Prairie Deva Press, Edmonton, Alberta. Check them out here- Book Boutique

Essential Oils- Scents of Wonder

Scents of Wonder

Scents of Wonder essential oils and blends- this aromatic wing of the company, sells a variety of essential oils, and aromatherapy blends. The oils are imported from around the world and bottled in Edmonton. Scents of Wonder also carries indigenous oils and supports local essential oil growers. More information on aromatherapy.

Mushroom Essences


Earth Medicine Consulting

Robert is also a herbal consultant, product developer, teacher, and speaker. Find out more about this on the Earth Medicine Consulting page.


We are co-founders of Northern Star College of Mystical Studies, along with Catherine Potter,
Three of the programs offered are:

The Wise Woman Within Intuitive Development Program

This stream will explore mythological, archetypal, practical and mystical ways to nurture and develop deep intuitive knowing, for personal and professional purposes. More about the Wise Woman Within Program/

Earth Spirit Medicine Program

The courses in this stream are designed to equip the student with a strong background in plant medicine. Earth Spirit Medicine Program

Practical Potions

The Practical Potions, Online, Aromatic Adventure is for women who love to create their reality, authentically with scent. The program will give you the knowledge to change your daily routines such as brushing your teeth and cleaning your home with commercial products, into tailor made aromatic adventures. All you need is a computer, desire to create with essential oils and high-speed internet. More about Practical Potions