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I have always found the essential oils from Scents of Wonder to be of the highest quality, and have used them therapeutically for many years. My clients, friends, and family have had great success using them for a range of physical conditions, from eczema to muscle tension to burns and scars.The purity of Scents of Wonder essential oils makes them ideal for emotional and spiritual work, as well. I trust Robert and Laurie to bring in only the most exceptional oils from around the world, and for this quality of product, their prices can’t be beat.”
Rhonda Stovin - Wellness Manager Planet Organic
Wholistic Health Practitioner
“The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of “Scents of Wonder”, is their ability to get hard to find aromatherapy oils. Another awesome aspect of Scents of Wonder is their fresh natural, authentically scented oil blends. It has been quoted by Robert, that “Laurie is the nose behind the operation”. However, I think it is also Robert and Laurie’s, excellent customer service and gentle way, that makes Scents of Wonder what it is. No wonder their company has been around since the late 1980’s. BRAVO.The essential oils are high quality and I just love working with Laurie and Robert.”
Owner - A Sense of Serenity
Ausha Shakti, BSc/Counsellor, CEO and Proprietor
“Laurie and Robert are incredibly knowledgeable in both essential oils and flower essences, and that knowledge makes them a perfect source to help us further educate our customers. They have both been teachers and mentors of ours since the mid 1990’s. We have been carrying their oils for over a decade and been completely content during that time. For years our customers have enjoyed the quality of the oils, and the regularity at which they are available. Robert and Laurie have incredible integrity, which we consistently see every time we deal with them.”
Nicola Biggs BA, IT
Owner of,,
“The knowledge and enthusiasm of Laurie and Robert Rogers, owners of Scents of Wonder, makes it a pleasure to do business with them. They are always helpful with any questions, you or your customer’s need answered. I am always confident recommending Scents of Wonder’s essential oils, to my customers because their range of products are consistently of high quality. I have appreciated Scents of Wonder’s great service and product for more than 20 years and will gladly continue to do so.”
Alice Powell
Owner of Ascendant Books