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Earth Medicine Consulting

I have loved plants all my life. When seven years old I gathered flowers around my neighborhood in Halifax and put them in glass jars of water. I put them out in the sunlight during the day and under the porch at night. I took great delight in drinking the waters, well before I discovered Flower Essences in my early twenties.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Alberta in 1971, I went on to study herbal medicine from native elders. I wild crafted indigenous plants of northern Alberta, and co-developed a line of herbal teas, opened a health food store (The Bodhi Shop), worked at High-Level Natural Foods as the herbalist, and opened the Self-Heal Herbal Centre in Edmonton in 1984.

Over the next 18 years, I compiled over 25,000 hours as a clinical herbalist. In 1989, I met the love of my life and together we created a retail store, expanded into a natural college, and introduced essential oils and flower essences to a wide community.

In between, I consulted to herb producers, Alberta Agriculture, First Nations communities, nutrition bar companies, formulated natural health and herbal products, and wrote 11 books on medicinal plants and fungi of western Canada. SEE BOOKS

I am fortunate that my passion is my vocation… or is it the other way around?
For more details, you may wish to visit my CV.

Consulting (Maybe I can help you and your project?)

EARTH MEDICINE CONSULTING may be of interest to individuals or companies interested in wild medicinal and edible plants and fungi, including technical advice, research and identification. Areas of expertise include natural products, herbs and extracts to replace antibiotics and growth hormones in livestock and aquaculture; and bioherbicides from native plants for organic food production.

The potential for new functional food crops and medicinal herbs in western Canada with worldwide commercial application, both indigenous and introduced. This includes expertise in non-timber forest products of the boreal forest of northern Alberta. The Rhodiola project in Alberta is a direct result of my research, and involvement with a producer organization.

Presentations, speaking engagements at schools, company retreats, conferences, conventions, trade shows.
On-site presentations and walks for youth groups, outdoor education, park rangers, forestry and other parties interested in edible, medicinal and poisonous plants and fungi. This may include rural communities interested in non-timber forest products, and agroforestry initiatives such as inoculation of deadfall with medicinal and edible mushrooms.

Help to train outdoor educators on the identification of plants and fungi from K-12 and post-secondary. This may include indoor classroom instruction during a term, and real-time summer oriented walks and talks.

International groups visiting Edmonton may enjoy river valley tours with information on traditional usage and modern medicinal uses of plants and fungi. I conduct several walks in Mill Creek Ravine in Edmonton each summer. See Events.

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Guest lecture to various institutes, colleges, and universities on agri-food innovation, pharmacy, medicine and nursing faculties regarding complementary and alternative medicine (integrative medicine), herbal medicine, aromatherapy, and herb/drug interactions.

Consulting to the organic and wild food industry, restaurants, suppliers, farmer’s markets, and chefs on wild edibles. Als a consultant to the functional food, nutraceutical and natural health product industry for formulations for condition-specific products, innovative new products, market trends, industry connections and lead, product testing and packaging alliance.

Authors, writers, and journalists, including visual arts, print, radio, and television production may wish to consult with me on their projects, which I can assist in several ways including editing, photography, and references.
I can also provide assistance to screenwriters, producers and directors of films and videos to ensure accurate depiction and realistic use of wild plants and fungi for food, shelter, clothing, medicine in survival and back to nature adventures and narratives. How often have you seen large apples or strawberries munched on by actors in Shakespearean plays or movies? This takes the viewer out of the moment and distracts from the time frame.

Producing Essential Oils

I can also help consult to ensure realism in hospital, police and murder mysteries television associated with psychoactive plants and fungi, as well as herb/drug interactions. Popular shows like House, and various CSI, although fictitious, do not pay enough attention to the plethora of plants that may be involved in murders, suicides, accidental poisonings, etc.

Research, write, edit and submit finished advertorials for magazines and other publications associated with natural health products. If it is an herb or mushroom I have written about, or used in clinical practice, I can write about the benefits from a place of wisdom and scientific notation.

Consult to the oil and gas industry regarding bioremediation and mycoremediation opportunities and public relations associated with petroleum waste, tail ponds, drill sites, spills and other environmental concerns. This is a huge issue and many methods are still to be trialled for efficacy and cost-benefit analysis.


Inoculating Poplar with Oyster Mushrooms

“Robert Rogers is a master at his art. He is conscientious, hard working, creative and takes tremendous pride in his work. We hired Robert at the beginning of our company’s evolution to help us create a line of comprehensive formulas designed expressly for women. It was a tall order: 13 condition-specific products with combination/comprehensive formulas, that were able to be combined without risk of contraindication, and that had to work! He met every deadline with ease and was always available throughout the process for consultation and collaboration. Robert is credited as being a major contributor in the success of our formulas, and to this day, can be counted on for guidance and support.” ~ S P.

“The best of college and high school, the only classrooms that it felt safe to express the workings of my mind and heart. I willingly paid attention, worked and learned from you. I wanted to, not because I had to.” ~ J H.

“Before I met Robert, I picked up one of his books after hearing someone mention his name. Once I read the book I was instantly hooked. The information he shared in such a genuine way, his passion for plants and their amazing uses was enough for me to decide “I must meet him!” As chance would have it, I did meet him and I was thrilled to be able to go on a herb walk with him. My Kôkom (Grandmother in Cree) used to take me on such walks
and I was as spellbound walking with Robert as I was with her. The many walks I took with him after that were no less splendid, Robert you always deliver!” ~ Brenda Holder, Mahikan Trails