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Smudge, Mist of Clearing, Essential Oil and Water, Spray


Smudge-Mist of Clearing, Essential Oil Water and Spray

This powerful mist helps to clear negative energy and restore balance. It can be used in day to day life, or during neo-shamanic journeys. Affirmation: May all bad energy leave this space! I call to harmony, healing, and kindness to take its place. Essential oils of tangerine, cedar, sage, lavender & juniper, water & emulsifier. Flower essences of pennyroyal & pink yarrow, useful vibrational essences for dissolving negative energy.

To Use- Spray this mist into the air, around your body, as protection, or when coming into, or leaving a space. Don’t forget to spray the corners or rooms, where old energy likes to hang out.  Use the affirmations to reinforce your intentions.

Do not use if pregnant, breastfeeding, or on children under the age of 6.  Do not use with epilepsy. Do not use on pets. Do not spray in eyes, or on walls or furniture. Always shake before using. Spot test if using on your body before use to ensure there is no sensitivity.



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