Pine Needle Pinus sylvestris

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Pine Needle – Pinus sylvestris
Steam distilled branches. Historically used for boils, cuts, sores and excessive perspiration. It is an effective essential oil for cleaning a home. Diffuse to disinfect the air. Pine is an analgesic, when used in a carrier oil blend and rubbed onto the body. Is said to be good for grayish smoker’s skin. You may fight fatigue with many of the conifer essential oils. The scent diffused is energizing and expansive, like a clean forest scent. Dr. Peneol also showed us how to dilute spruce, but it will also work with pine oil into a carrier and externally rub onto the adrenal glands, just above the kidneys. Do this in the morning. Do not take internally. Do not use when pregnant, nor with children or pets.

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