Oregano Orignamum vulgare

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Oregano – Origanum vulgare
Steam distilled leaves. Anti-infectious, antiseptic, used for colds, flues, and inflammation. Oregano oil is very disinfecting and anti-infectious. It has the personality of a warrior, it will fight strongly against infections, but use it only when you need it. Do not use internally. Avoid when pregnant or when breastfeeding. Do not use with small children or pets. Irritates skin. Always dilute before applying onto the skin. May be toxic to the liver in high amounts. One way to take advantage of its germ-killing properties without internal use is to dilute in a carrier oil and apply the mix to the soles of the feet. It offers an added bonus of fighting any existing foot fungus while heightening one’s immune response when used in this manner. You will smell a bit like a pizza, but this can be a good thing :)


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