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Subtle Elixirs for Deep Yearnings- the Flower Essence Introductory Program

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7o hours-Mixed Media- Partly online, fully on Zoom (if technology allows), and possibly some in-class for those who meet the provincial health mandates for covid,at the time.

Most of us suffer from the pain caused when our deepest longings remain unheard. Our bodies as well as our emotions may repeatedly manifest illness until the true message of our distress or yearning is understood and addressed.
Dr. Bach an English physician from the 1920s developed flower therapy to help his patients with recurring health issues. He felt the root cause of their suffering was not listening to their deeper “dis-ease”, and not living their true purpose. Dr. Bach thought flower essences shed light on the emotional and soul issues, not addressed in conventional settings. He developed and used these vibrational elixirs to open stuck patterns and unheard emotional and spiritual centers.

This course explores the properties of Dr. Bach’s 38 essences and Californian Flower Essence Societies 103 flower remedies.

What You Will Learn:
This course will help you develop the interview skills necessary to get to the bottom of what is causing discomfort and “dis-ease” in yourself and your clients.

Attune to hearing and deciphering the messages your body and mind are giving you about your yearnings and pain, and focus on what is meaningful to you.

Through learning about the flower’s properties and interviewing techniques, self-menders, family healers and wholistic healers can find what needs to be heard and healed in self and clients. Wholistic healers will have a new way to view and address client issues.

The emphasis on the specific emotional and soul issues illuminated with flower essences can uncover and fill in the gaps other therapies do not address, providing an exciting new view and tool for your personal work or practice.

Develop Skills
Assignments focus on personal growth and will include, experiencing the flower essences, interviewing class partners, writing up your insights and transformations, working with clients, and sharing your journey and insights through a class presentation.

Course Details
For the first time ever, this course will be available to you wherever you live if you have Zoom. Flower Essences is taught partly online, on Zoom, and in the classroom. All classroom events will be Zoomed to out-of-town participants. Recordings of lectures will be placed on an online platform for you to review.

Here are what some former students say about flower essences

“Flower essences are the closest I have ever come to being able to wield true magick. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to go through a whole life without the gifts and insights of this deeply powerful kind of spirit medicine. I have been illuminated by my experiences and believe that by sharing this gift I can only encourage light in the most elegant, graceful way possible.” Jenn L “I believe emotions, thoughts, feelings, are the foundation of our dis-ease, which can manifest as illness. Flower Essences can bring awareness to the roots of those states so we can work through them and grow. By changing our perceptions of our past experience we have the potential to bring about sometimes profound changes and growth.”
Christine R
“By taking the purest, highest vibration of a positive quality, anything lesser must surface and be released. In this way, the deepest healing takes place through an alchemical process of transformation. The lead in our lives, our thoughts, our hearts, ourselves is transfigured into gold-our true essence.”
Connie S
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