Worms, Worts & Leeches – The Nine Sacred Herbs of the Lacnunda


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Worms, Worts & Leeches – The Nine Sacred Herbs of the Lacnunda


Robert Dale Rogers

2018, black and white,

Worms, Worts and Leeches is a modern take on the 9 Sacred Herbs of Lacnunga, a 10th-century Anglo-Saxon text on medicinal plants.

Worm is an ancient term for disease; worts for medicinal plants, and leeches, the doctors of the day.

Traditional and modern-day use of worms, maggots and leeches is included, of course.

The book also includes extensive work on the many health benefits of Mugwort, Chamomile, Stinging Nettles, Wood Betony, Plantain, Crab Apple, Shepherd’s Purse and Pennycress, Chervil and Wild Chervil, Fennel, and both Garden and Wild Thyme.

•  Includes traditional use and…
•  Modern scientific validation of health benefits.
•  Eclectic and homeopathic application.
•  Essential oil and hydrosol production and usage.
•  Gemmotherapy bud remedies
•  Astrological correspondence
•  Spiritual properties
•  Personality Traits
•  Recipes, preparations and contraindications

Book Review– by Nicholas Brink (Click to Access)

Worms, Worts and Leeches book review

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