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The Herbal Farmacy: Goat’s Beard, Pigweed and Horsetail


Medicinal plants and fungi have been given common names related to farm animals. That is the basis for this offering and has nothing to do with veterinary medicine.

Found in this book are chapters on cow lily (water lily), cowslip (Primula species), cow-wheat, and cow parsnip. Hogweed is included, as well as pig’s ears, pigweed and related Amaranthus species to round out the porcine segment.

There are goats, including Goat’s Beard, and Yellow Goat’s Beard, from two entirely different genera, and Goat’s Foot from the world of medicinal mushrooms. We have horses, including horsetail, horse bean, horse chestnut, horseradish, coltsfoot and mare’s tail representing the equine portion. We have lamb’s quarters (Chenopod) and related species, sheep sorrel with Rumex relatives, and Sheep polypore representing the fifth kingdom.

And to round it all out we have ox lip, ox-eye daisy and related Chrysanthemum botanical buddies. Hope you enjoy this herbal farmacy!

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