The Healing Goddess Oracle Book- Downloadable Cards


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The Healing Goddess Oracle Book- Downloadable Cards


The Healing Goddess Oracle Book with downloadable cards

2014, 56 pages, Color, downloadable, colored cards

The Gods and Goddesses that grace each of our lives represents thousands of years of tradition and collective unconscious patterns.

Use The Healing Goddess Oracle cards to help you find out ‘who is showing up’, on that day, week or year of your life and tap into what their message might be.

Allow the 34 archetypal gods, goddesses and mythical oracles to come alive in your imagination, as they bring insight, blessings and meaning into your day.

This product differs from the Healing Goddess Oracle, Book and Cards, as the cards are not provided. We will ship the book to you. You may then download the cards from this website, or when you get the book you will receive a code in it, which will give you access to printing the cards. You can then find a color printer, which accepts heavier,  paper and run off the cards yourself. If this option does not suit you the cards and book are also available as a product in this store :)

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Book Review-

Jo Ann Hammond Meiers- Five Out of Five Stars


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