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Sandalwood Santalum album


Sandalwood – Santalum album
Steam distilled mainly from wood chips. This tree, originally from India is very protected, as it was becoming endangered. The price of the essential oil has gone up accordingly in the last decade. It is healing for all skin types- dry, acne, damaged skin, chapped, cracked and inflamed. Sandalwood is antiseptic, moisturizing and able to penetrate the subcutaneous layer of skin, and can carry other oils there. It may increase capillary circulation. Apparently, connective tissue and dermis are strengthened, as it may increase collagen. Balancing for the nervous system. This essential oil is my favorite fixative for perfumery. Its mild scent is enduring, but it tends to enhance, rather than dominate other scents it is blended with. Do not use when pregnant, nor with small children. No internal use.

2ml bottles contain approximately 40 drops of essential oil, while 5 ml bottles hold about 100 drops.

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