Rogers’ School of Herbal Medicine Volume Thirteen: Adaptogens


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Rogers’ School of Herbal Medicine Volume Thirteen: Adaptogens


Adaptogens are herbs that increase the body’s ability to reduce response to stress. They are non-specific and alter our reactivity by balancing the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis. In turn, overactive and underactive hormonal and endocrine functions are returned to homeostatic balance.

Herbs include astragalus, devil’s club, eleutherococcus, American ginseng, goji berry, gymnostemma, wild licorice, maral root, prickly spine, wild sarsaparilla, spikenard, rhodiola, and schisandra. Medicinal mushrooms include reishi, artist’s conk, and other Ganoderma species as well as cordyceps.

Books-Roger’s School of Herbal Medicine:

If you wish to study herbal medicine in the comfort of your home, at your own pace, or in a classroom, explore Rogers’ School of Herbal Medicine. This 15 volume series takes you on a comprehensive journey into plant medicine. Each book focuses on a system or organ of the body and explores herbs to prevent and treat acute and chronic conditions. Become empowered to use wild plants to heal and even avoid illness. Discover herbs that help you digest well and sleep better. Find out which plants strengthen your immune system and help relieve symptoms of menopause.

This set of 15 books may be each bought alone for self-study, or used as texts in a classroom herbal course, or at some point as an online study program.

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