Prairie Deva, Flower Essence Kit, 15 ml, 36 Bottles

CAD $459.95

Prairie Deva, Flower Essence Kit, 15 ml, 36 Bottles

Have the whole 36 Bottles 15 mls each, kit!

Are Prairie Deva Flower Essences right for you?

Do you think subtle is effective?

Are you interested in working deeply and safely with your mental and emotional states?

Flower Essences have been used for years to illuminate soul patterns.

Might these flowers of the prairies have just the vibrational energy you seek?

Prairie Deva Flower Essences are vibrational remedies made from flowers, water and alcohol. They are unlike essential oils and contain only the vibrational energy of the plant. Flower remedies have been used since the time of Dr. Bach to enhance mental, emotional, and spiritual patterns and facilitate shifts. They are used orally, a few drops mixed into water, under the tongue. They are enhanced by afformations and intention.

Prairie Deva, vibrational flower essences were developed by Robert Rogers, Laurie Szott-Rogers and many Prairie Devas in Western Canada. Unusual essences like fleabane, henbane and pink fairy orchid, inspire the inner potion maker! Fairy Remedies at work.



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