Medicinal Plants of Edmonton’s River Valley (Volume 2)


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Medicinal Plants of Edmonton’s River Valley (Volume 2)


This book contains a wealth of information on over 50 more medicinal plants in Edmonton Alberta’s river valley.

Traditional medicinal uses are combined with modern scientific herbal application recipes of preparation. Large full-color photographs help identify native and introduced plants along the trails of the North Saskatchewan River.

The following review of the Ravine Books is taken from a Rating List of Best Field Guides- July 2018 by Dionne Jennings.

“So here is a list of some of my most well-employed Plant ID books specific to Alberta”.

Field Guides, My #1 Choice-
Herbs of Edmonton’s River Valley, Volumes 1 & 2 Robert Rogers, AHG

 “Pros: Super specific to Edmonton. The River Valley & urban green spaces is most likely where us city folk will have plant encounters in the city-we have 7,400 hectares of parkland adjacent to the North Saskatchewan River. And the pictures are big. (No, huge!) No squinting here.

Also, Robert provides a method of preparation & tincturing ratios for those of you who are planning on making medicine.

Cons: Not really a con– but like most ID books, only one colour photo of the plant is provided, so if you are looking at a berry when the berry is not in season, or a pic of something in flower & you are seeing the plant/tree/shrub when it’s not in flower, you may have to cross reference it in another book or internet search.”

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