Medicinal Mushrooms- Human Trials (Black & White)


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Medicinal Mushrooms- Human Trials (Black & White)


Black & White Version- 157 pgs.

Medicinal mushrooms benefit human health, by optimizing immune health and reducing inflammation.

They show clinical efficacy in treating various cancers, cardiovascular and respiratory issues, diabetes, hepatitis, kidney disease, and numerous auto-immune conditions.

Forward thinking herbalists, MDs, oncologists and pharmacists would like to use medicinal mushrooms, but are looking for proof. Human clinical studies from the scientific and medical journals suggest medicinal mushrooms may be effective.

This book examines 50 mushroom species and cites over 500 studies showing stand alone, or adjuvant use of mushrooms, for a wide range of life-threatening conditions. These include numerous “gold standard” double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized human clinical trial publications.


Robert Dale Rogers has over fifty years of experience as an herbalist and is a professional member of the American Herbalist Guild. In 2015 he was honored as an Herbal Elder of Canada.

He is an assistant clinical professor in department of family medicine at the University of Alberta, and adjunct professor in Graduate Studies at York University.

Robert has written over 50 books on mushroom and plant medicine, and teaches Earth Spirit Medicine at The Northern Star College in Edmonton, Alberta.