Honeysuckle, Flower Essence, Prairie Deva

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Honeysuckle, Flower Essence, Prairie Deva

(Lonicera tartarica)

KEY WORDS- perseverance, fear of failure, inertia.

Honeysuckle flower essence is related to the soul qualities of hardiness and perseverance. There can be a thin edge at times between stubbornness and mental fixation. It is important that thoughts and action are completed for the appropriate reasons.

If the reason is mainly to control self and others due to constant fear, less pleasure is experienced in life. Honeysuckle is the flower essence for those who fear failure or the responsibilities of success.

This info. Is meant for general interest and is not a diagnosis or panacea. The essences can safely be added to any health care or psychological program. Flower essences will not take the place of medical or psychological treatment. Do not replace your medications with essences, as they work on a vibrational, rather than physical level.




















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