Hera, Essence of the Goddess, Essential Oil Blend

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Hera, Essence of the Goddess, Essential Oil Blends

Goddess of marriage, rulership, power, Queen of the Heavens.

Hera is a powerhouse. She is smart, strong and determined. Hera is loyal and generous to her partner. She treats marriage as sacred. Her integrity and commitment are unquestionable. When you invite Hera into your life you recognize the gift of true partnership. You commit to giving and receiving in a deep and meaningful way. Like Hera, you may run into rough patches in your relationship and decide to forgive and move forward. Queen of the Heavens, brings great power, status, and respect. She knows how the world works, carries influence and accomplishes great deeds. She respects monogamy, clear intentions and integrity. Affirmation: I join with thee. I pledge my life. I will be your loving wife. But, trifle with me and you will see. I will keep our kingdom. I hold the key. Essential Oils:  amyris, sandalwood, vetiver, pepper, ambergris, and jasmine.

How to Choose Between the Blends? To select your essence, read the keywords and sniff the blends. Decide which are most compelling.

How to Use? There are a variety of ways to use the essences. Dilute with a carrier oil and then apply to skin.  Add a few drops into your bath (2-7 drops), to create a sacred soak. Use in a diffuser, as a room scent. One of my favorite ways is to add 2-5% essential oil, to a spray bottle, with water. Use this GODDESS MIST, as a room scent, or to spray the halo area above your head. Each elixir is a mixture of pure essential oils and flower essences. The blends may be diluted and used as a perfume, in the bath (2-7 drops), or in a diffuser as a room scent. Patch test on skin to ensure there is no allergic reaction.

Do not use if pregnant, breastfeeding, or on children under the age of 3.  Do not use on pets.



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