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Flower Essence or Aromatherapy Pendant- Fairy Potions


Flower Essence or Aromatherapy Pendant- Fairy Potions

Try this new way of taking flower essences. Pour the essences into your glass, fairy vial. Pour a drop from the vial into a glass of water, or right into your mouth. Do not swallow the cork :) Use when desired. Try with Prairie Deva Flower essences to boost the fairy vibration, or any of your other favorite flower essences.

This delicate and beautiful flower essence necklace will hold a few drops of your current flower essence. It will be worn close to your heart and always on there when you would like to take a few drops.

The pendant may also be filled with essential oils for sniffing.

The pendant is made from handblown glass, by our local artisans, Pixie Glassworks. The necklace comes with a 36-inch silver plated chain. It is available in a few beautiful colors. However, each piece is unique and will not look exactly as it does in the picture. Whichever necklace you receive will have its own, individual beauty, as individual as the wands from Hogwarts.

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Aromatic Pendant

lavender, blue, green

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