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Dream Weaver- The Land of Betwixt



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Unravel the threads of time with Ariya, an adoptee searching for her roots, in “Dream Weaver – The Land of Betwixt,” a tale of self-discovery, and ancestral connection. In her quest to belong, Ariya navigates a mystical realm where dream weavers hold the power to shape history.
With her wizard Tova, Ariya embarks on a transformative journey across centuries and continents to interact with her ancestors. Witness her great-grandmother’s unconventional marriage and Dinah Nuthead, an illiterate widow determined to carve her place as a female printer in the United States. Meet the fearless Scottish noblewomen Isobel MacDuff and Marjorie De Bruce as they quest to overcome fateful odds.
As Ariya traverses the dreamscape, she also confronts difficult family history, gaining insight into her grandfather’s reckless gamble and her father’s tragic accident. With every lesson learned, she shares her skill of dream weaving and potion making with her students at college.
Yet danger lurks in the form of the Tormentor, a sinister family entity feeding on insecurities. Can Ariya conquer her fears, heal her sense of not belonging, and harness the strength gained from her journeys?
Written by Laurie Szott-Rogers, educator and author, “Dream Weaver: The Land of Betwixt” is a fusion of historical fiction, fantasy, and personal growth. Drawing from her extensive experience in teaching mystical studies, Laurie weaves an enchanting narrative perfect for women aged 16 to 75 yearning for tales of ancestral roots, the strength of the female spirit, and the transformative power of self-discovery.
Delve into this captivating journey and follow Ariya as she navigates the vast expanses of time, heals the wounds of the past, and claims her rightful place in the present. Let “Dream Weaver: The Land of Betwixt” carry you away.


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