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Demeter, Essence of the Goddess, Essential Oil Blend


Demeter, Essence of the Goddess- Essential Oil Blend

Goddess of grain, devotion and, mothering.

Few gifts compare to the love of the great mother. Her capable arms welcome us, newly born, from our starry beginnings, to our earthly path. She nurtures and holds each soul, and selflessly provides. Demeter believes in us, even when we are lost in the realms of darkness, she awaits our return.  Grieving about our descent, she brings winter to the land. It is dry and baron. Yet, her faith is a beam of light, and as we struggle up from the underworld, it is into her arms we fall. Ecstatic to welcome us, she restores the hope of spring. Oh, good mother, let us learn to give and receive love, that doesn’t falter and faith that knows no bounds. Affirmation: I am generous, bountiful and warm. I give and receive unconditional love.  I am capable, competent, resourceful, regenerative and persistent. I recognize the cycles of the soul, and that winter delivers spring. Essential Oils: mandarin, vetiver, vanilla, ginger, cardamom and coriander.

How to Choose Between the Blends? To select your essence, read the keywords and sniff the blends. Decide which are most compelling.

How to Use? There are a variety of ways to use the essences. Dilute with a carrier oil and then apply to skin.  Add a few drops into your bath (2-7 drops), to create a sacred soak. Use in a diffuser, as a room scent. One of my favorite ways is to add 2-5% essential oil, to a spray bottle, with water. Use this GODDESS MIST, as a room scent, or to spray the halo area above your head. Each elixir is a mixture of pure essential oils and flower essences. The blends may be diluted and used as a perfume, in the bath (2-7 drops), or in a diffuser as a room scent. Patch test on skin to ensure there is no allergic reaction.

Do not use if pregnant, breastfeeding, or on children under the age of 3.  Do not use on pets.



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