Coltsfoot, Flower Essence, Prairie Deva

CAD $16.95

Coltsfoot, Flower Essence, Prairie Deva

(Petasites sagittatus)(P. frigidus ssp. sagittatus)

KEYWORDS- Keeping present, prioritizing what’s important, establishing goals, healing love wounds.

Coltsfoot may help clear old love wounds and traumatic emotions. Coltsfoot is an essence of orientation. What direction should we take? How do we get there? There is no time like now to establish life goals and put them into action. It is also about staying in the present moment by using breath.

This info. Is meant for general interest and is not a diagnosis or panacea. The essences can safely be added to any health care or psychological program. Flower essences will not take the place of medical or psychological treatment. Do not replace your medications with essences, as they work on a vibrational, rather than physical level.




















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