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Become Your Own Genie-(Black & White) Learn to Make Good Choices and Grant Wishes


BECOME YOUR OWN GENIE  (Black and White Version)

Learn to Make Good Choices and Grant Wishes

By Laurie Szott-Rogers

Welcome to Genie School

This book is for anyone who has been sidetracked from fulfilling their dreams. Become Your Own Genie helps human genies understand and nurture their generous and caring natures while avoiding traps that snare them.

If you could have anything you want right now, what would it be? In over 100 genie lessons, taught at our Genie School, named “Lumera,” you will uncover your true desires and develop skills to grant your wishes.

Tap into the wisdom and advice of Genies, and complete exercises that define which choices will get you the outcome you desire.

You will use flower and mushroom essences, essential oils, power words, dreams and journaling, to heighten your self-awareness. This book illuminates how to claim your inner authority, make strong decisions and manifest goals.

Come to Genie School, Access Your Inner Magic and Set Yourself Free!

Give a person a wish, and they’ll be happy for a day

Teach a person to wish, and they’ll be satisfied for a lifetime!

Become Your Own Genie, Audio Interview- Laurie with Catherine Potter 

To request a copy of the Genie Quiz email Laurie

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