Aromatic Oil Pendant

CAD $39.95

Aromatic Oil Pendants- 

This delicate and beautiful aromatic necklace will hold a few drops of your favorite essential oil or flower essence. Insert the essence with the syringe from the aroma care kit, (separate purchase). The oil stays relatively intact. Sniff the bottom of the pendant any time, to breathe in the beautiful scent you have chosen.

The pendant is made from handblown glass made by our local artisans,  at Pixie Glassworks. The necklace comes with an adjustable, waxed black, cotton cord. The aromatherapy necklace is available in a few beautiful colors. However, each piece is unique and will not look exactly as it does in the picture. Size and shape are individual in each case.

Also consider buying an aromatherapy care kit to go fill and maintain this necklace.

Additional information
Aromatic Pendant

crystal/opal, black/blue Dichro, robin egg blue, lavender