Aphrodite, Essence of the Goddess, Essential Oil Blend

CAD $15.95

Aphrodite, Essence of the Goddess, Essential Oil Blend  Goddess of love, passion, and creativity.

Aphrodite fills the room with electric moments. The eyes of the other become portals of possibility, and together you transcend time. Her gaze allows you to be visible, all facets witnessed, and for the first time fully understood. Each moment becomes ecstasy. From her fingers flow flowers, and from her tongue the taste of immortality. She brings joy to places that are frozen. With her touch, you thaw, and flow, unstoppable, into her timeless embrace. Affirmation: I embody the spirit of aliveness. I bring beauty and appreciation to each moment. I see grace in each individual and potential in each dark corner. I am joyful and full of passion. Essential Oils: ylang, rose geranium, rose and jasmine.

Dilute before using. This blend may also be diffused into the air, used in a carrier oil for massage, or diluted in a tablespoon of milk and used in a bath.

How to Choose Between the Blends? To select your essence, read the keywords and sniff the blends. Decide which are most compelling.

How to Use? There are a variety of ways to use the essences. Dilute with a carrier oil and then apply to skin.  Add a few drops into your bath (2-7 drops), to create a sacred soak. Use in a diffuser, as a room scent. One of my favorite ways is to add 2-5% essential oil, to a spray bottle, with water. Use this GODDESS MIST, as a room scent, or to spray the halo area above your head. Each elixir is a mixture of pure essential oils and flower essences. The blends may be diluted and used as a perfume, in the bath (2-7 drops), or in a diffuser as a room scent. Patch test on skin to ensure there is no allergic reaction.

Do not use if pregnant, breastfeeding, or on children under the age of 3.  Do not use on pets.




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