Alfalfa, Flower Essence, Prairie Deva

CAD $16.95

Alfalfa Flower Essence, Prairie Deva

(Medicago sativa)

Keywords- scarcity, generosity

Alfalfa flower essence is related to soul qualities of scarcity and plenty. The essence is specifically for Individuals that can never get enough or feel unworthy. There may be the constant worry about money and finances so that debt becomes a script for life.

Alfalfa may be helpful to both children and adults of mixed race, and the associated feelings of not belonging, or being shunned. Another use of this essence is for children in foster homes or adoptees trying to adapt to a culture much different than their birth-parents.

This info. is meant for general interest and is not a diagnosis or panacea. The essences can safely be added to any health care or psychological program. Flower essences will not take the place of medical or psychological treatment. Do not replace your medications with essences, as they work on a vibrational, rather than physical level.

































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