Prairie Deva Flower Essences

Prairie Deva Essences are made by Robert Rogers, Laurie Szott-Rogers and many Prairie Devas. Prairie Deva Essences are created mainly from flowers on the Canadian Prairies. Generally, we feel indigenous plants are our most effective healers. The exception to this is while travelling, we sometimes feel drawn to make an essence native to another location. We believe at these times these particular plant energies have useful properties to add to our repertoire. Note flower essences are vibrational remedies, and are not essential oils. To learn more about flower essences- About Flower Essences

Prairie Deva Essences come as single essences, or as a Practitioner’s Kit-

How to Work With Prairie Deva Essences-

If you are drawn to an essence choose that one. Ask the plant (i.e. spruce) for its help and healing. Each essence will affect everyone slightly differently, so trust your intuitive impression of how the plant will work with you. Take up to 4 drops 4 times per day. Hold the intention of the shift you are looking for while taking the essence. 

The 36 Prairie Deva Essences are available in 15 ml dropper bottles. To learn more about Prairie Deva Essences, About Prairie Deva Flower Essences

This info. Is meant for general interest and is not a diagnosis or panacea. The essences can safely be added to any health care or psychological program, except for those with alcohol sensitivity. Flower essences will not take the place of medical or psychological treatment. Do not replace your medications with essences. Also, note that flower essences are not essential oils and they do not have a plant or floral scent.

The Prairie Deva Flower Essences Book is now available in our store.

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