Lavender- The Oil for Everything

Lavender is the one essential oil which can be used for multi-purpose! If you only buy one essential oil, this could be the one.  Scents of Wonder carries 3 types of Lavender. French Lavender- https://selfhealdistributing.com/product/lavenderfrench/ ,

Mushroom Chart Feature

Our First Featured Product Is! The Mushroom Field Guide, Fold-Out, Super Chart This product is hot off the press! Robert Dale Rogers and Daniel Winkler, 2018  (Coming, Summer of 2018) In this field guide to mushrooms, Daniel Winkler and Robert Rogers highlight 33 common mushrooms. The fold-out chart has colored pictures, medicinal and culinary tips. It is a handy laminated, fold-out pamphlet, perfect for mushroom enthusiasts. You can buy this at our store if you are Canadian- https://selfhealdistributing.com/product/mushroom-field-guide-fold-out-chart/ Don’t forget to browse the rest of our site- www.selfhealdistributing.com Non-Canadian residents can go to Daniel Winkler www.Mushroaming.com